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I'm kidding. LOL I got tagged by Delkerono to do this tag. Though, as you all should know with me and tags by now, I rarely follow the rules~... B3

SPEAKING OF WHICH~! HERE THEY ARE~! (So, if YOU want to do them properly, you can. LOL)

1.) Post the rules [Tags are getting bossier. >w> <w<)
2.) Confess seven shameful, funny, or even unexpected things you do
3.) Tag seven people to do the same. [NOPE~!]

I AM MAKING A TRADE OFF FOR TAGS~! I'm not tagging anyone. Instead, I'll be doing it myself, and then with 7 of my OCs. SO, YEAH~! FUN~! (There may be some creator interference, because I doubt all of them will cooperate. BP)


First off, me, myself, and I. B3 ... Which is turning out to be harder than I expect. LOL

1) I had been biting my fingernails since I was 4-years-old. Just recently though, I stopped entirely, and I'm getting used to actually HAVING nails. LOL (I will explain at the end~...)
2) My sneezes are RARELY average or quiet. More often than not, they are REALLY bloody loud, and I have no way to control it without some unwanted event occurring in place of it being loud. C8... In grocery stores, it'll actually ring through the store if it happens to be loud. LOL (AT LEAST PEOPLE CAN'T DETERMINE THE SOURCE~! MWAHAHAHA~!)
3) Dunno if this is surprising or not, but I'm a big techno music nut. 8D Along with rarely listening to music in English, at this point. (Been listening to Vocaloid stuff more than any other vocal stuff. LOL)
4) Because of an eye surgery I had when I was little, my eyes don't ALWAYS work together. So, this can make them look really bloody weird. C8... I COULD BE A CHAMELEON~! >8D (No. My eyes aren't THAT bad. LOL~!)
5) My brain pulls blanks when put on the spot~! 8D (So, this part of the tag took me forever. C8)
6) ... Screw it. Saying something I'd stated before. I HAVE THE PATIENCE OF A SAINT~! *Bows*
7) As of September 28th of 2015, I had blue in my hair. 83... I DIDN'T STATE THAT~! MWAHAHAHA~! (Though, the dye bleeding onto my finger nails is why they weren't bitten for a while~! SO, YEAH~! LOL)

FINALLY DONE MY PART! GOD! D8< LOL This one took me a couple hours. Here's hoping the rest aren't like this. C8 (NOPE~! THEY WERE WORSE~! IT'S BEEN OVER A MONTH SINCE I STARTED THIS! LOL)


Vincent: ... Well, I guess that means it's my turn. XD...

1) I have had 'wardrobe malfunctions' during missions. The worse one was when I was jumping down a hole after a target. I didn't notice all the roots sticking out, and one of them managed to catch my belt. I ended up stopping so quickly it winded me. Not a lot of fun. XD... Just glad I didn't do anything worse, as that scenario basically gave me the Heimlich Maneuver with my belt.
2) I have been a support in a war. Mostly with helping injured veterans getting back to healing camps. [Creator Note: Official story wise, this war has yet to occur. C8]
3) I've been involved in a couple training mishaps as well. I think the worst for that one though was accidentally knocking myself unconscious. XD... Was messing around with a pole-arm. Smacked myself in the head. Not fun. And the teasing I got for it was brutal.
4) [CREATOR NOTE~! Vincent was Mel's ORIGINAL gender bent form/self. NOT Vinson. BP However, upon Vinson's creation, I decided to just make Vincent an OC when FINALLY bringing him back. LOL]

[MORE CREATOR NOTES! I'm opting out of giving anymore for this, because Vincent is under-developed enough I have nothing else. C8 He was also the only one I couldn't swap out. SO~! THERE YA GO~!)

Abylon: ... GUESS IT'S MY TURN~! BP

1) One amusing story I can think of off the top of my head was during last Halloween. Decided to try to scare my guy pals. Made one scream, made the other run like hell, and the last faint~! IT WAS F***ING AWESOME~! XD!
2) I MIGHT be the only one of my kind who can ACTUALLY feel anything from their horns. Note to kids out there, don't tamper with magic if you have no idea what the outcome is~... I was just lucky enough my experience wasn't necessarily a bad thing. BP
3) Okay, giving a funny story instead, even though I'm TECHNICALLY not the person who did this, it's too funny to pass up. XD! During one of my bar hopping sprees, Morse decided to tag along. As much as I hated that at the time, holy shit, I'm glad he did. He decided to keep turning himself female throughout the night, lure in some poor sap to hit on him, only to immediately turn back into a male and flirt with said person. The look on some of their faces were freakin' priceless~!
4) APPARENTLY my kind have another form. Though, neither of my parents know what it is, or how it's triggered. SO~! YEAH~!... And that's all I can think of. Xp
5) [BECAUSE YOU GOT NOTHING, CREATOR INTERFERENCE STARTING NOW~!] ... Wait, what? [Aby is good at wrestling, but has never beaten Morse~! What isn't known is that Morse wins because he takes advantage of his tail~!] ... Would you NOT go spewing around personal weaknesses, thanks~... B/...
6) [SPEAKING OF MORSE~! Aby lost a bet to him and had to do whatever he said for 24 hours. C8] ... How did you hear about that~? [... Morse totes didn't tell me. 8D] SON OF A BI-
7) [He likes rough play~!... Done to him. B3] THE F*** YOU ON ABOUT~!? [YOU KNOW WHAT I'M ON ABOUT~!] NO, I DON'T~! YOU'RE SPEAKING BULLSHIT~! [YOU'RE IN DENIAL~! LOL]

Dimitri: ... I'm somewhat worried, but I doubt I get a choice in whether or not I can get out of this. [EXACTLY~!] *Sigh*

1) I guess one amusing occasion was on the job. Or, well, at least my coworkers deemed it amusing. We were told to apprehend someone, and I was the first to arrive on the scene. While trying to calm said individual, who was having a nervous breakdown, the rest of my squad arrived, and he was thrown BACK into a panic. I attempted to restrain him at that point, and he lashed out, punching me in the gut. Unfortunately, that didn't really do that much to myself, but he had harmed his wrist. Unlike me, who was feeling quite guilty though, the coworkers I mentioned before were bursting a lung laughing.
2) I guess one thing I'm ashamed of is that I can't seem to regain control of myself in certain... situations. Especially in regards to anything involving blood. I have attempted to train myself to get over my extreme fear of it. But, eh heh... Obviously that hasn't been working.
3) Some of my scars are from work related injuries. However, some were 'brotherly nonsense' related. You have 4 boys roughly the same age in their younger years, there are more than likely going to be a couple severe accidents. *Chuckles*
4) ... I... can't actually think of anything else. [THEN IT IS ONCE AGAIN MY TIME TO SHINE~!] ... Oh dear. [Dimitri's tail is a BIG indicator of his mood~! Wagging embarrasses him, frizzing REALLY embarrasses him~! LOL] ... O-Oy... =//A\\=
5) [HE HAS TO AVOID FEMALES IN HEAT~!... For obvious reasons~! B3] M-M-Mel! [YES~!?]
6) [He has a thing for body suits~!] *Just gave up, hiding his face and blushing*
7) [And, finally, he has a scar near his gro-] M-MELISSA! [OOO! FULL NAME! I'M PETRIFIED! D8... LOL]

Iden: IDEN, UP TO BAT~! >8D

1) Lemme think... Hhhmmm... OH~! My family had to post bail for me once when I was caught for 'indecent exposure'. Yvon yelled at me. A lot. c8 GOOD TIMES~!
2) Not really all that experienced in relationships. I've had more 'flings' than I can count though. XD
3) The red markings aren't JUST on my face, but ALL OVER my body. This is the same for my siblings. Bp But, one interesting things about them is that they form hearts in certain locations. There are two large ones in particular. One on the back, and one on the abdomen. XD
4) ... OKAY! UH!... I have a good number of fetishes? 8D... Can I leave it at that? I'd rather not state them publicly~! [Meh. Fine. LOL]
5) ... I'M RUNNING OUT OF STUFF TO TALK ABOUT, SHIT!... CAN I BLAB ABOUT YVON!? [... As that is two birds with one stone, I have no objections. LOL] OKAY! HIS FIRST EVER BONE BREAK WAS CAUSED BY EDEN AND MYSELF~! 8D [... Wwwooowww... LOL]
6) He tends to avoid relationships because of his prior one. That's the most I'll say on that topic, but it's what made me a bit apprehensive of them as well. XD...
7) His heart markings would look SLIGHTLY different compared to ours due to something he did to them. Again, I'll leave WHAT he did for people to find out themselves, or ask him about.

Zodam: ... Welp, my life is for naught~... GOODBYE, ONE AND A-[HEY! NO! BAD! D8< JUST GO WITH IT!] I'd rather n-[ZODY!] Nnnggghhh~...

1) As I'm TECHNICALLY a 'Coca Cola Person', most of my body tastes as such, apparently~... Saliva and blood are the two things that seem to carry the taste the most.
2) Though I'm an actor, I use a 'persona' to keep irritating people or over obsessive fans from wrecking my day-to-day life style~... Or, well, that's ONE of the reasons. The most I'll describe about it is that I go by 'Conan' in this state.
3) I didn't really want to be an actor so much. Though, it was a good way of getting my foot in the door for what I actually want to do. Which would be dancing.
4) .... E-Eeerrr... [Hm~... Running out of things to say there, buddy~?] N-No~... N-Not at a-all~... [OKAY~! WHAT'S THE NEXT THING~!?] .......... [... I SHALL NOW TAKE OVER~!] WAIT, N- [ZODY HAS A BUBBLE BUTT~!] *Facepalms and blushing like hell* ARGH!
5) [He has a thing for Sexy Maid or Butler outf-] I-I-I DO N-NOT~! [DENIAL~!]
6) [He has what look like bottle cap ring patterns in various places. INCLUDING THE PRIVATES~!] W-W-WOULD YOU SH-SHUT IT!?
7) [AND LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, HE'S GOT A LOT OF FETISHES~!] *Hitting his head on a wall* [... Zody, that isn't good for your head. c8] I DON'T CARE!

Marrok: ... I'm... guessing I should be a bit worried...

1) ... I-I was the one who punched Dimitri in his story earlier... Th-That was embarrassing a-as heck, and st-still is when it gets br-brought up. *Covers his eyes with his hands*
2) R-Right now, among the people in our group who ACTUALLY do sparring, I'm the weakest. There's myself, Jeice, Hilda, then Dimitri at the top. Though, he was the person who's been in the group the longest, so. *Shrugs*
3) I've encountered Dimitri's 'objectives' only once before. Arashiden and Tracyn. That... kinda, sorta didn't end well. *Laughs weakly* They... kind of made a fool of me, and I was the reason they got away... Dimitri obviously wasn't very happy...
4) Hhhmmm... [Nothing else you wanna say~?] ... N-Not that I'm a-aware of... [THEN I AM UP TO BAT~! Marrok may have a crush on his mentor~!] ... *Blushes like hell* W-WHAT!? N-NO I DON'T! [Oh! Right! Sorry!... Jeice. B3] E-E-EVEN MORE 'NO'!
5) [He made a massive blunder at one point and got his hand stuck in a pair of handcuffs~!] ... *Hangs his head, obviously embarrassed*
6) [He likes dirty talk~!] I-I-I DON'T! [DENIAL~!]
7) [He has a little 'X' scar right above his butt, but under his tail~!] *Blushes like hell again* ... D-Did you r-really have to tell people about th-that one~? [YUP~!]

Yamcha: ... [Okay. Yamcha. Can you PLEASE try to keep things mildly censored~? Thanks~...] ... *Shrugs*

1) *Thinks* ... On top of being Bisexual, I'm also Polyamorous.
2) The facial piercings I have were obtained after inheriting the brothel, and actually do have a relation to that event. What that relation is, I shall keep to myself for the time being.
3) Before getting involved with the brothel, I thought myself to be Asexual in nature. This was changed within the first month or so of ownership.
4) Since obtaining it, I've tried a great number of sexual activities. Most of these 'first times' came via scouting people to join the brothel. I will keep any such stories to myself, as I definitely don't have the consent of anyone else involved in said stories.
5) ... I guess if I digress back to piercings, I DO have others in more intimate areas. Where and what, again, I shall keep to myself.
6) Hm... Speaking of the more intimate areas, I guess I have a few small tattoos worth noting near said areas.
7) My inheritance didn't come from a nasty experience, but simply from my mother and father's retirement.

Was that adequate? [... Yes. Thank you. LOL]

AND THAT'S IT~! HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED~! (This took me WWWAAAYYY too long. Let us leave it at that~...)


Icon made by ayeitsmish. C8



Both currently open.…

Current Residence: British Columbia, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Anything, except Country.
Favourite style of art: Digital, to make myself.
Personal Quote: Pain makes you Stronger. Tears make you Braver. Heartbreak makes you Wiser.


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