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Stuff Going On

Basically, a list of things I currently have going on, and HOPEFULLY things I'll have up later. As such, this list may change frequently, either when I finish, or remember more things I have to do.

Here is the current info.

~ Q&A -…
~ Dare Us -…
~ Fun Facts -…
~ Crack-Pairing Pictures/Mini-Comics -…
~ Pokemon Customs
~ Get up more character references.

Let There Be Music~!


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Both currently open.…

Current Residence: British Columbia, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Anything, except Country.
Favourite style of art: Digital, to make myself.
Personal Quote: Pain makes you Stronger. Tears make you Braver. Heartbreak makes you Wiser.
Okay, so, allow me to get the 'bad' news out the way first.

~The Issue~

I'm sure everyone knows by now that I have a skype (Though, I guess it's more surprising to hear when someone DOESN'T these days, huh? LOL). Well~... I will be LEAVING skype, though please hear me out on the reasons first before saying "NO, DON'T LEAVE!".

I'm not sure who does or doesn't know at this point, but skype has been making older versions unsupported. I was using a Version 5-something of Skype until today, when I was no longer able to log on, and the program stated that I would need the newest version to run it. "Well, why not just update it?" THAT is exactly the problem. My computer WILL NOT cooperate with ANY skype over the Version 5's. I've attempted in the past when my computer was better off than it currently is, and even THEN the experience was horrifying. lol...

So, with skype updates being forced onto us, I don't really HAVE a choice. I WILL be leaving skype.


~The Solution(s)~

Because I LUCKILY caught wind of this update spree BEFORE it was going to completely occur (Only two-three days, but still), I was able to brainstorm possible 'work arounds'.

First up, meet Trillian. As it states, it is a multi-network communication system. For the time being, it DOES still support skype. Though, because of the update spree, Skype could be dropped from their compatibility who knows when. So, there's a heads up. Trillian IS a bit of a learning curb if you're EXCEEDINGLY active on skype, but it's actually a pretty damn good program. Either way, I'm not saying you HAVE to get this program, as heck, DA is my second option.

How so? Well, duh. The noting and commenting systems, as well as the chatroom I've been letting go to waste for so long. LOL For those of you who aren't at all interested in Trillian, that will remain an option. XD And, of course, the roleplay events coming up with assist with that. c8

And, that's all I have to say about that at the moment. I'm not sure if there are any OTHER options. But, if you have a suggestion, feel free to state it.


I have managed to get my hands on a Pokemon Y game. >8D Yay for late Birthday Gifts. LOL

I am considering adding a few people. So, if you have X or Y, and you're interested, just leave a comment or send me a note. 8D (At the moment, this is a 'friends only' offer. Sorry. XD...)

And, that's it. Thank you for reading~!


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Hello! Now that I have my Premium, I want to aim to hold contests, and give back to those to helped me get it! Let's see how this goes, shall we!? 8D

Any and all donations are welcome and appreciated. Even 1 point helps. So, if you have even a point to spare, it will be greatly appreciated. X3

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There goes my lung for the day... Again. 


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